Allie Bailey is an ultrarunner, coach, speaker, content creator and podcaster who has run in some of the most extreme places in the world. She needed a flexible brand identity to encompass both her coaching business and her wider personal brand - Ultra Awesome.
All Allie photography by David Miller.
"The work that Sarah did rebranding my business was nothing short of incredible. Sarah’s attention to detail, her well thought out designs, her formidable passion for creativity and her detailed knowledge of the online market made the whole experience super simple, quick and extraordinarily successful."
- Allie Bailey
"The work Sarah did on the brand transcended just the website, inspiring the cover of my first book and carrying through not only to merchandise but promotional items for the book release, speaking tour and branded mobile point of sale. I cannot recommend Sarah's services enough."
"She is one of the greatest designers I have had the pleasure to work with in my twenty years as a marketeer and I am confident that her visual work across my business has been instrumental in it's success over the past twelve months.
It's eye catching, modern slick and gender neutral. I love it and just wouldn’t work with anyone else."
- Allie Bailey

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